Saturday, March 28, 2015

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hugging May May

Last night on the couch:
“Are you excited for your baby sister Vera?”
“Can you point to your baby Sister?”
She points to Mom’s belly.
“Do you want to give her a hug?”

Hugs Mom’s belly.


Vera is a great share-er. When she and Griff have snacks, she gets out two bowls from the kids-dishes-drawer (the lowest one) in the kitchen – one for her, one for him.  Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and she offered me some of her Pirate’s Booty in exchange for some of my pita chips. 


I got a FitBit as part of a walking challenge at work.  It’s a wristband that lights up some of its five lights when you tap it twice so you can tell how far you’ve progressed towards your daily goal.  

Guess who loves to tap the FitBit?  Yup, both of our kids.

And when she wants to tap it, Vera says “BipBipBipBipBip…” until I give in.  Sometimes I ask her to say please.  Sometimes I forget and just let her tap away cause its so freakin’ cute.

I Love You

Vera says this now.  Usually not with the “I” – but she has said the three word phrase:  “Love you Gug-guh” (Guh-guh is what she calls Griffin, also Chinese for “older brother”).  She did it the other night and it was just ridiculously cute.  Usually its just two words:  "Luv - ooo".

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love You

A quick moment I have to remember, I just put Vera down for her nap... as I lay her down in her crib, I said, "I love you." Vera responded "love you". It sounded more like "lahh ooh". I said, "Vera, did you just say "love you"?!  She laughed and said, "yeah!". I said, "Awww that makes mommy so happy. Can you say it again?  Say, "love you"". "Lahhh ohh." What a priceless moment.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Vera looks a little like Boo from Monsters Inc. She even likes to sneak up on me and say "Boo!"

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loving her Brother

Vera loves Griffin.  She has started calling him guh-guh,  which is awesome because its the G sound and it means older brother in Chinese.
The easiest way to see how much she loves him is by watching what happens when he goes to time out.  If she's in the room, she gets a worried look on her face and walks over to the stairs, giving him a hug if the gate isn't in the way.  And if we're all in the kitchen, she gets the same concerned look on her face as if to say "where is my Guh-Guh?"  Its adorable.


Vera says hi now.  It was particularly cute last night when she came into Griffin's room while he and I were reading books.  Just inside the doorway "hi!" She walked right up to the bed and plopped comfortably between Griffin and I for the exciting conclusion of Where the Wild Things Are.