Friday, March 29, 2013

Vera's First Solid Food!

Hard to belive but on 3/16/13 Vera boarded the solid food train (2 days shy of her 6 month birthday)... Woo wooo! (wow, did I really just type that?  I'm silly tired on iced coffee and easter candy that I just stole from Griff's basket.). 

What this whole "starting solid foods" thing really means is that we are now leaving the non-stinky breastmilk poop arena and heading into the rancid world of solid poop... hold on tight...

Vera's first food was organic brown rice cereal.  She had a few tablespoons mixed with water. In typical babe behavior, she grabbed for the spoon a few times, spilled a little here and there, and seemed moderately interested.  It was basically a sticky mess that we enthusiastically caught on camera.

Since the brown rice cereal 2 weeks ago, we have quickly moved onto oatmeal, peas (for our sweet pea!), carrots (which seemed to give her gas), butternut squash (she loves it), and now we are in the middle of trying green beans (I smile really big when giving her these and she seems to eat them happily).  We're going the veggies route first, before introducing fruits.  I figure, she is my second chance at raising a healthy, non-picky eater, and since I earned myself a mere C+ with Griffin, I'm determined to do better.  

Since 3/16, V has become an expert eater, finishing no less than 3 ounces of veggies with a few extra tablespoons of oatmeal mixed in twice a day.  She loves to make fart noises with her mouth, especially when it's filled with food, so after staining (and having to stain stick and bleach) several cute outfits, I've decided that it makes sense to have her eat naked.  Naked (diapered) eating is the best!

Yay for Vera!

Here's a video:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snuggle with Gpa

Gma Cathy and Gpa Tim stopped by for a little Sunday afternoon grandkid time...  V got some happy cuddles with Gpa.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun With Fi

Fi came over to play for a while today, so Ben could snow blow the driveway.  It was the first time Griff and Fi actively included Vera in their playtime.  They played doctor/nurse, and Vera was their patient.  She sat in her blue bumbo chair while they examined her- they checked her eyes, gave her a shot, and put a bandaid on her finger. It was pretty adorable. I can't wait until Vera starts looking up to Fiona like a big's so cute to watch them play and interact. 

"How Big is Vera?"

This picture was taken earlier this evening:  Tom was playing with Vera, stretching her arms wide and saying in an animated voice, "How big is Vera?  Sooooo big!"  She loved it, clearly.  A very sweet moment to remember...

Best. Picture. Ever.

Best. Picture. Ever.
The Runner-Up.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vera's First Tooth!

Yayyy. I just discovered Vera's first tooth, conveniently at a time when I'm near a camera and computer so that I don't procrastinate celebrating and blogging this special 'first'!  It's her bottom right, and there's a tiny bit of white poking through the surface of her gums. She is 5.5 months old.  I'm soooo thankful and proud that she did so well with her first teething experience (and hasn't chomped while nursing, yet, eek!). Other than a little extra fussiness and a runny nose, she has been her usual happy self.  Her ever so awesome gummy smile has just gotten even better. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Yellow One

Sweet little Vera- the yellow one. Haha.