Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy 3 months V!

End of the fourth trimester - and Vera is definitely showing more signs of "tiny human" and a lot less "large warm bean":

  • She bobbles her head and almost has enough neck control
  • When you hold her, she can squirm or nestle in to you at will
  • She babbles a little bit - you can hear what her voice sounds like
  • Cries are more distinct and you can tell when she's gassy/hungry/tired/bored instead of just "wah"
  • Peanut just passed her driver's test - with motorcycle endorsement! (j/k.  lol.)
  • You can see emotion on her face - curiosity, frustration, happiness, bowel movement

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Genetics!

Sorry for the duplicate pictures as I just posted these on Griff's blog too.  It's crazy how similar Vera and Griffin look... oh genetics!

First Head Butt

Last night, Griffin head-butted Vera for the first time.  She cried hard after a brief moment of looking stunned, the poor thing.  His giant head had whacked her mostly on purpose; this earned him a firm scolding, a time out for hitting his little sister, and a threat from Mom that if he hit again, Super Soft Cubby would be taken away.  I made good on this threat a bit later last night Griffin proceeded to hit me...  Good times. 

Other notable instances of Griffin hurting Vera to remember in the blog...

Griffin poked Vera in the eye just hours after she came home from the hospital. 

In her 2.5 months of life, Griff has become fond of pulling her arms and legs and hug/rolling on her, which has always ended in my frustration and their tears (real ones by Vera, fake ones by Griff).  He is also really fond of squeezing the top of her head and twisting it back and forth.

Also, a few nights ago after arriving home from daycare, as I was in the driveway about to get Griffin and Vera out of the car, I heard a loud scream.  It was so clear but distant at the same time; it sounded like our backyard neighbor girl outside.  Anyway, I heard it again and thought nothing of it.  I then opened the car door and saw that Vera was crying.  She stopped when the dome light of the car turned on.  It was then that I connected the dots and realized that it had been Griffin screaming from inside the car, purposely trying to make his sister cry, which clearly worked... When he saw the disapproving look on my face, he put on a devlish grin, and did it again.  He let out a 2 second, super high pitched shriek before I could cover his mouth.  A full second went by before Vera's lip quivered and she burst out into a terrified cry.  It was 99% sad but 1% funny as I know he loves his sister.

Here are some cute pics of them:

LiL Sis

Here's Vera wearing her "Lil Sis" shirt, a headband and a big whole-face smile. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

YAY!  At exactly 11 weeks old, Vera officially slept through the night.  Last night she was down for the count from 8:30pm-6:10am (night of 12/4-12/5). And of course I did a terrible job getting myself to bed at a reasonable time, so I missed out on the long stretch of sleep; my boobs also hurt by 5am so they woke me up instead of the babe.. Congratulations on being an awesome sleeper, my sweet little girl.  I'm so proud of you.