Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just a nice, regular evening to be Vera's Dad

Coming home from work today was a regular evening.  It was awesome.

  • She smiles when I come home from work.  Griffin announces his traditional "Dad's home!" when he hears me walk in the door.  I peaked my head around the corner from the front door into the kitchen and she grinned like crazy.  Vicki says this is her (Vicki's) favorite part of the day.  
  • When I went upstairs to change clothes, Vera booked it up the stairs, saying "dah!  dah!  dah!"  (Don't worry - Mom was following her closely after about step 2)
  • She climbed up my leg to a standing position and smiled and laughed at me while I was taking the air conditioner out of her window.
  • I lifted her over my head and set her down on our bed and she was super giggly.
  • Griffin came upstairs and the three of us snuggled for a minute (okay, 12 seconds) on Mom and Dad's bed.  Vera smiled like crazy at her brother laying next to her.
  • She does this super cute thing where she tucks her leg underneath her to go from laying down or crawling positing up to sitting.  She ends up sitting half indian-style, with the other leg stuck straight out to the side.  Its almost always followed by clapping.  Its like she's saying "hold on a sec - I gotta stop crawling and celebrate what just happened."  She also does this right before she puts her hands over head as if to say "up!"  So yeah, she did that tonight a few times.
  • Poop face.  Litterally its totally obvious when she's filling up the diaper.  And she does it in almost the same leg-tuck position, only halfway completed so she's kinda propped up on the ankle she has folded underneath her, the one outstretched leg, and both hands flat on the floor.  Adorbs.
  • She says "please" now in sign language.  Vicki said she saw Vera do it for the frist time earlier today while eating yogurt bites with her friend Ben Sither.  And she did it again at dinner tonight and again asking for toys in the bathtub.