Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cutest Timeout Ever

Vera got 2 timeouts during dinner tonight for throwing food on the floor. Every time she goes into timeout, I have to turn away and laugh (tom too). It feels totally ridiculous trying to discipline our sweet girl.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sibling Cuteness

I'm glad these 2 get along so well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pic with Mom

From earlier tonight...

Storytime with "day dah"

"Healthy Foods"

This was an art project called "healthy foods" that Vera made at school.  Her teacher Jackie said she really enjoyed the gluing.  Apparently there was a bunch of pictures of foods for the babies to choose from and glue onto a plate. I don't think Vera managed to pick out a single healthy food. D- (but A+ for effort) Perhaps I should rethink the foods i feed my kids.. maybe that m&m I gave her the other day wasn't the best choice.  :-)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Vera Speaks

Sign language - she’s been doing these for a while and is pretty proficient.
·         More
·         Please  (she’ll now say this even when prompted with “what do you say Vera?”)
·         Thank you
·         All done
·         I
·         Love
·         You
·         I just pooped.  (Not official sign language, but she will stand a bit further away, poop with a funny face, and then walk back to Vicki or I and point to her diaper.)

Original verbal Vocabulary – as of about a month ago:
·         Mama
·         Dada
·         Uh oh
·         Baba (bottle)
·         Dat (cat)
·         Chssss   (this means cheese – it is said with urgency as lil’ V loves cheese. Especially Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar.)
·         This.  (usually indicates “I want this”, often said after breaking into the snack cabinet and walking over to us with a giant box or bag of some salty snack).

New additions we’re hearing in the past few days/weeks:
·         Pasta
·         Fire Truck.  (It was a little garbled, but she clearly said it in response to seeing the picture in the  book “baby things that go”.)

·         I love you.  (mostly mumbled, but the intonation is perfect and its obvious that’s what she’s saying)